My research expertise is in global sustainability strategy, stimulated by an interest in how firm strategies address intractable grand challenges. Extant focus in this area has largely revolved around the conditions under which it pays for firms to do good—i.e., how addressing sustainability challenges might offer financial, relational, and reputational benefits to firms. Yet there remains a great need for research to shed light on how firms embed sustainability into their ordinary strategies. 

With my research, I aim to build a framework that helps businesses identify and adopt strategies that meet their needs while mitigating negative externalities and stimulating positive ones to sustain the planet on which all people depend. Specifically, I study the reciprocal relationship between strategy and sustainability in two main areas: (i) how firms design strategies to advance sustainability and (ii) how sustainability grand challenges affect firm strategies. Additionally, I examine the ways in which firms help tackle a public health crisis to catalyze scholarly interest in such an urgent sustainability grand challenge.

1. Firm strategy to advance sustainability

2. Impact of sustainability grand challenges on firm strategy

3. Business and public health