I am interested in teaching business sustainability, strategic management, and international business. 

Strategic Management

This course explores the pivotal question, “Why do some firms succeed while others fail?”. It delves into the complex, uncertain, dynamic interplay between firms and their internal and external environments. Managers will seek to shape these relationships through strategic decisions that change their organizations’ capabilities, shift their competitive positions, or lead their firms into new businesses. In this course, students will have opportunities to understand how to formulate and implement effective strategies and recognize when changes are needed in the existing strategies of companies. Because of its interdisciplinary nature, this course will help recognize how firms' success is often determined by the fit between important functions, such as marketing, operations, and human resources. 

Management and Society

This course is designed to help students better understand the demands on corporations to be ethical and meet societal expectations. The first half of the course builds up foundational paradigms and concepts, including the stakeholder view of the firm, business responses to sustainability issues, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, individual- and organizational ethics, corporate social responsibility, and corporate governance. The remainder focuses on business-stakeholder relationships—such as those between organizations and the natural environment, consumers, nongovernmental organizations, government, and employees—along with relevant applied topics like climate change, social media ethics, gender- and racial diversity, and technology ethics. 

Fundamentals of Management

This course provides a framework for understanding the opportunities and challenges impacting managers and how they conduct business. In this course, I deliver lectures on a wide array of core organizational- and managerial issues, including business ethics, corporate sustainability, global strategy, international business, strategic management, entrepreneurship, organizational culture and structure, human resource management, and organizational behavior.